Regarding the historic Mundelein Hall adaptive re-use project: We have moved into the building and are thrilled with our space. Everyone visits and comments on how lucky we are to be in such beautiful offices….

Director of Finance & Operations

Riverdale Country School

It is our pleasure to inform you that your firm has ranked highest in technical merit….

Robert Damico

Director, NYS HCR Architecture & Engineering Bureau

On quality of service, Ivan Brice Architecture was rated “excellent”–on every task and for overall performance.

Michael Alacha

Project Director, NYC Division of Design and Construction

His personal manner and general presentation offer great potential. Mr. Brice applied his skills in the management of some of the most difficult projects. I offer my highest recommendation for Mr. Brice’s qualifications.

Benedetto Puccio

Director, Bureau of Building Design, NYC Dept of General Services

You have made a very significant contribution…. We will be enjoying the “fruits of your labor” for many years to come.

Thom Serrani

Mayor of Stamford, Connecticut

Your firm is reliable and the work you do is consistently good…

Ken Cohen

Director, Shinda Management

We appreciate the work your firm has done on our various projects. It is nice to be able to rely on you to complete projects on time and within our budget.

Harry Gerras

Managing Agent, Vision Enterprises

It was a pleasure reviewing the very well-documented proposal to restore the Henry Bristow School. The project has been approached in a thoughtful manner with great respect for the character-defining features of the historic school.

Elizabeth Martin

Historic Sites Restoration Coordinator, NYSHPO

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