Our work with clients often involves developing a strategic approach to maximizing a building’s value through repairs, renovations, or maintenance programs. By making strategic improvements based on reliable condition surveys and accurate budgets, we help our clients achieve long term financial and structural sustainability. The following are examples of needs and possibilities that we might discuss with you.

Building Technologies

Our work addresses building-wide systems and components in a comprehensive way. We consider and implement improvements including: Flood elimination & waterproofing, Masonry wall types, Structural remediation, Roofing systems, Floor finishes, Ceiling assemblies, Lighting, HVAC

Sustainable Strategies

We consider all aspects of existing structures when developing a sustainable approach to renovation, including: Passive climate control, Fossil fuel reduction, Non-toxic materials, USA/local manufacturing, USA/local sourced materials, Research and evaluation of new products & techniques, Construction contracts, Product & system warrantees.

Community Interface

It is important to consider how a structure might be repurposed or adapted for new use in the context of community characteristics and needs. We believe in understanding past and present spatial typologies and transposition as a regenerative design process.

Repair and Restoration

Repairing and restoring historic–or simply aging–structures is our specialty.

Renovation and Adaptive Re-Use

We have renovated or adapted a number of buildings

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