Ivan Brice Architecture is a full-service architectural firm, assisting our clients through all phases of design and construction from concept through implementation. We pride ourselves in the thoroughness of our code analysis and existing condition surveys, which lead to well-conceived design, concisely written specifications, and carefully detailed plans. Our team skills range from schematic planning, cost estimating, and technical research, through document preparation, construction administration, and writing long-term maintenance guidelines. All of our work is rooted in a sustainable approach to planning, design, and construction helping us maintain control over project schedules and budgets, while achieving solutions that are both long-lasting and beautiful.


Condition Surveys and LL 11/98 Reports


We survey the existing building and grounds to examine and diagnose the condition of interior and exterior systems.  Code violations or imminent hazards are documented. Our reports typically assess the remaining useful life of building components to establish the phasing and budget for repairs, replacement and improvements.  Conditionreports provide guidance for building maintenance, renovation and code compliance.  Our work concerning New York City’s Local Law 11/98 focuses upon the restoration of a building’s exterior to ensure public safety and water-tightness.

Programming and Code Analysis


The programming process involves working with the client to achieve optimal outcomes on the following building and planning aspects:

  • Establish available and buildable space
  • Investigate functional requirements for all uses
  • Define occupancy and adjacency needs
  • Identify and interpret applicable codes
  • Set operational criteria for building systems

Architectural Design

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When dealing with existing buildings, we draw upon the strongest attributes of the building, while upgrading the building to meet current needs and code standards. On architecturally distinguished or historic buildings, we seek to reinforce the authentic character and original details. If significant changes or additions are proposed, they will be framed by clear and consistent design intent or technical merit. We help our clients to resolve deficiencies, maintain their buildings in good condition, and enact cost-effective improvements that will sustain the building for its present and future use.

Project Budgeting


At various stages of the project, we provide cost estimates to assist the owner in maintaining control over project quality and budget.  Estimates are itemized by unit price and quantities, based on reliable industry guidelines.  This is especially useful in evaluating different materials, construction assemblies and design options.



Our team of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural engineers have developed an effective working relationship over the course of many projects.  The required engineering systems and their retrofit, such as structural reinforcement and the routing of mechanical ducts, are carefully thought out in relation to the buildings uses, and integral with the architectural design process.

Construction Documents


We develop CAD drawings and written specifications essential to project execution.  These construction documents establish uniformity in the bidding process and provide standards of quality for construction.  In detailing the project, we aim to achieve effective and durable solutions.

Sustainability and Energy Conservation


Our work is rooted in a sustainable approach to building design and rehabilitation.  In all of our projects we strive to reach the highest standards for energy conservation and materials use.  This attitude has grown out of our practice, which seeks to retain the usefulness and value of existing buildings, while adapting or upgrading them through new technologies and maintenance programs.  We remain current with the state and city building code revisions and laws, including NY State’s Energy Conservation code and recently implemented NYC LL85, and we have LEED professionals on staff.

Agency Filings


Our firm is very familiar with building permitting procedures; handling job filings, related violations and expediting directly with in-house staff.  For projects involving designated landmark properties, or within historic districts, we obtain the necessary approvals from the Landmarks Preservation Commission.  We have a track record with a wide range of municipal agencies and we are experienced with unconventional projects that have required variances and reconsiderations.

Construction Administration


Starting with the bidding of the project, we evaluate contractor’s qualifications, capabilities and cost proposals.  After finalizing the construction contract, we monitor the schedule and sequence of work.  The required shop drawings and product data submittals are catalogued and reviewed.  Through site visits and inspection reports, we keep the owner informed of the quality and progress of the work.  Our track record shows that our involvement during the construction phase helps bring the project to completion on time—and within budget.

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