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What does an architect do?

This is a big question with a lot of answers. We appreciate the perspective of Robert Geddes who writes in his book, Fit: “The built environment is always ‘becoming.’ As society evolves the built environment grows and changes, and architecture becomes engaged. By necessity, it participates when a social institution expands, or a street or neighborhood or district or an entire city changes; then, we ponder possibilities for improving and sustaining it.” (55) This notion dovetails with our approach to architecture.

Why would I need an architect?

Most renovation or building projects require the submission of drawings prepared and stamped by a professional. An architect brings value to a project through their expertise and a comprehensive approach to understanding the complexities of a project. Often an architect plays a lead role in coordinating multiple services to bring a project to completion.

How is an architect different from an engineer?

In general, architects have a broader training and bring a more comprehensive approach to a building project. While architects and engineers are equally capable of addressing the technical issues of a project, architects may be better versed in understanding concerns of context, aesthetics, or historical precedent.

What is Local Law 11 as it applies to buildings in New York City?

In reference to NYC buildings, this Law requires all structures over 6 stories to undergo periodic inspections of the facades to insure public safety. These inspections must be carried out by a licensed professional and filed with the Building Department. Our firm has worked with clients to comply with these codes since the law’s inception. More information is available from the NYC Department of Buildings.

What are your fees based on?

There are a variety of ways that fees for a project may be calculated, and our fees vary by project. We typically offer a fixed fee based on the scope of work, which is clearly detailed in any proposal we prepare.

How long does it take to complete a project?

This is a difficult question to answer as it greatly depends upon the scope of work and the contractor that does the work. We often prepare construction schedules during the planning phases of a project and we are proud to say that we bring our projects to completion on time and on budget.

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